WCIF a small DC motor

I’m looking for a small DC motor 3v-5v. Something similar to the one in the picture. I was thinking a store in Guanghua might have it, but wanted to ask first before I make a trip there.


Try looking in the guanhua underground, not the big building but the one where you go underground.

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Didn’t even realize there was an underground there. I always just went in the building. I’ll have to check it out.

it’s before Bade rd, when you get out of exit 1 in zhongshao xinsheng. Behind the mega bank building.

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Thanks guys!
Just in case anyone else needs to find some. I found them in guanhua underground for about 25 NTD for a small one and up to 300 for a bigger one.

They also have other types of motors like stepper motors and stuff if you want to DIY CNC stuff but those kind of stuff you’re better off going to an industrial area where they have stores specializing in CNC stuff.