WCIF....Affordable Men's Suits

I tried the search for this but came up with a wide array of irrelevant information. I need to buy a new black suit and figured the Forumosa community must have ample experience with tailors here in Taipei. Something nice yet affordable would be great. I go to place near Caesar Hotel at Taipei Main Station for shirts but have yet to inquire about suits there. Anybody have any good recommendations. Thanks!

I found a kickass suit at Zara in the Taipei 101 mall. Have actually received many compliments. Very Euro style suit. Very affordable.

Here’s a pic

No bad…Just naturally fit like that? I was thinking to be fitted for mine being a taller guy.

I’m 6’2 and it fit perfect because they leave the legs unhemmed. Lol. So for normal blokes I guess it would be long but for me it was perfect. :laughing:

Right on, about the same height. Ill check it out. Thanks for the info

There are quite a few tailor shops in the Ximen district if you want it fitted. A few years back I had the 007 tuxedo tailored for me by a shop, Personal Style near the corner of Kunming and Hankou streets. It was spot on. As I remember it was around $8000nt.