WCIF airport duty free prices (or other cheap places in Taoyuan)

Hi all–long time no post.

Have family coming to Canada for a visit, and I remember booze being way cheaper there than here. Any links for prices. Already checked Costco–they didn’t have anything I’m looking for.


I didn’t get what you are asking for.

Do you want to buy duty free items?
If so, check here:

Do you want to check prices in regular stores outside the airport?
If so, check here:

Do you want something else?
If so, please ask again.


I’ve looked through the first link already–they don’t seem to show alcohol prices anywhere on there (although my Chinese reading has gotten worse).

I’m looking for prices so I can compare to what I pay here in Canada–then I can tell my wife’s family what to buy when they come to visit in a few days.

Is that clearer?

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Yes, I think I got it.
However, I only know of that website for duty free shops.
Hopefully, someone else can jump in and provide a better link.

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I’ve had trouble finding liquor prices online in Taiwan - of course that may just be because my Chinese is garbage, but I think a lot of it is also regulations about selling alcohol online.

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Is duty free open at the airport?

Or is it closed because of COVID?

If open, are they likely to have rolling tobacco?

Side note- I also need menthol filters and rizlas.


Before the plague they had this official airport stores website. You ordered what you wanted before departure, checked the stuff when getting ready to leave and collected your purchases upon return.


I got my brother-in-law some duty-free cigs on my way back into Taiwan earlier in May.

They had the duty-free shop sectioned off, but then workers handled grabbing what you wanted and charging your card.

Heading out, the duty-free shop near my gate was open and they were kind enough to break a $100 so I could use the nearby vending machine.


I think I already know this is impossible, but just in case: does anyone know about a way to a) check prices and availability of liquor (specifically Kavalan whisky) at Taoyuan Airport duty free, and b) order the whisky to pick up when you arrive at the airport? (This would be for flying out of Taiwan.)

I guess this is the main duty-free store - no whisky listed.

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Call them?


Talk to someone?! In the year of our smartphone 15, or whatever we’re at?! Have you gone mad?! Surely there must be a LINE or website option!

But yeah, that’s an idea. I’m ashamed to say it hadn’t occurred to me. Mind you, my efforts at handling things in phone calls don’t usually work out well in Taiwan, mostly due to my language inability.


With a bit of luck you’ll be able to get hold of someone who speaks a bit of English when calling an airport duty free store.

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Both Xindian and Gongguan have actual Kavalan stores where you can compare prices.

In my experience, the price is better at the airport but less selection.

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