WCIF Alcohol Beverages Supplier/Wholesaler

Hi all!

Does anybody know some kind of alcoholic beverages supplier/wholesaler where I could get a comfortable stock for a party, and who would retake the untouched bottles and only make me pay what has been drinked?

That’s a common business model in my home country, I’m wondering if it’s possible to find the same here (I don’t really want to take the risk to wild-guess the total consumption at my party and end up with way too much or too less drinks).

Thanks in advance for any tip! :wink:

Sorry, don’t know anyone whom has this service model, but would like to know what home country offers this as a common standard?

In Switzerland. Many wholesalers offer this “party service” besides their traditional wholesale business.

I never heard something like that, so probably it’s common only in switzerland… :neutral:

Gosh. The Swiss do offer a good model. :thumbsup:
Obviously, with a RSP potentially much higher than Barcelona or Brussels - they can afford the extra logistic hustle.

What you need to understand within most Taiwanese small business modus operandi is that such a services / purchases are fulfilled upfront (or latest at physical hand-over).
It is not embedded to put things in consignation as “today’s money” is the only certainty the Laoban looks for.

Why not considering Carrefour? They have a return-policy
What you have left can still be returned and exchanged for either cash or credit - which you can use for shopping.

I don’t know about the returns policy - you’d have to ask - but here are the details of three suppliers:

This is a good general one in Jingmei. They also have a shop:


This one is in Neihu and will deliver for orders of 3000NT or more (the others probably have similar deals):


This one off Linsen N Rd is great for premium Bourbon. I blogged about them here:

theboolion.wordpress.com/2012/08 … zehunting/

Thanks Bu Lai En, I’ll check them out :notworthy:

During the beer festival I found kona longboard at a few 711s

at the Taipei world trade center next to the 101 on the 4th floor there are multiple suppliers of all kinds of wines and beer

on the 6th floor is the office for the state of Hawaii you might be able to get kona beer through them after all its on window display a long with coffee

This is very common with banquets. Contact those people. Weddings and temple yee haws always do this. Beer is very common, but wine and hard booze as well. I have no numbers, but that show it works locally.