WCIF an air compressor tank

I’m just looking for an air compressor tank, just the tank I don’t need the motor. I bought an air compressor about 3 weeks but it seems to be too small. I would like to save some money and just buy an empty tank and hook it up as an auxiliary tank. I know of Huanhe South Road in Taipei, (the road that has all of the hardware stores and a couple restaurant supply stores) but I haven’t seen any stores on that street that sells just the tanks.

If your compressor is not going to do the job a bigger tank isn’t going to help. So get a bigger compressor or look in the junk yard. But I think shops who sell compressors will also sell tanks.

What air tool are you using? If it’s an intermittent use tools like impact wrench or nail gun then a tank may help. If it’s air sander or a really large spray gun forget it

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Air flow is important.