WCIF an enzyme-only drain cleaner

I need to unclog my shower drain, but don’t want to use an acid based cleaner, in case it damages the pipes.

Where can I find an enzyme only cleaner, and what would the Chinese label say?

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest a basic drain cleaner instead. Magic Amah makes a decent one.

As far as I remember, its primary component is Sodium Hydroxide and legitimately dissolves even hair without damaging pipes. It also heats up when added to water so it can melt fats. Highly recommended, septic safe.

They are not acids.

Isn’t that poison?

If you drink it.

I don’t recommend drinking it. It largely consists of Sodium Hydroxide. It’s not poisonous in the traditional sense. It’s extremely corrosive to tissue though.

It’s poison in the sense that it will kill you if you drink it.


Exactly the opposite in fact!