WCIF an old jeep

I’ve owned a couple jeep CJs before I came to Taiwan and, God help me, I need another. I’d be willing to settle for a Wrangler but nothing over a '95. I just need something for tooling around town and I will fix it up to go on longer trips in the future. I remember seeing an old jeep somewhere in Taoyuan that hadn’t moved in ages. Has anyone seen an old jeep that needs a new owner?


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I don’t recall seeing a used Jeep lot anywhere in Taiwan. Probably because they are quite popular.


if @Pinoco is lucky, the girl comes with the jeep

I would make sure you are good mechanically. most I see are for sale for a reason. people dont often get rid of them because they are decent quality. there are a bunch in extreme south pingdong rotting away. that seems to be the trend, part them out rather than sell them.

Suzuki’s on the other hand are everywhere, pretty cheap too.

Here you go!

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