WCIF baby spinach?

Looking for baby spinach…

Yeah,Anyone found those in the market somewhere? Not those sold in mixed salad at 300NT the box. Just the spinach themselves. Cheers

You can often get just baby spinach leaves in those 300NT boxes, at Breeze and City Super and Jason’s. But obviously that price is a little high.

In the vegetable/day markets, there a Taiwan spinach sold, very simular. 菠菜 Bōcài

Thanks lostinasia. Maybe Costco will start import them soon. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know about those, but these are different. taste and all is different.

11 months after the OP’s question - responses get in :laughing:

"Baby spinach’ is not the kind which is sold here. (whid is a great variety IMHO)
The leaves are smaller - tastes less bitter and less “iron”.

The closest you can get here on the Island is the one made in France / Belgium for Carrefour - sold in pots:
VERY nice with some great real potatos , a Merguez or Boerworst and spicy mustard. :lick:

One of my favorite / cheap meals her when missing the ol’ place.

Yes, I have seen these, but where did you find merguez? :slight_smile: