WCIF Baked Mac 'n Cheese in Tianmu (not Kraft)?

Hi, quick! I need some baked mac 'n cheese stat. With really gooey cheese on top. Not Kraft Dinner with melted cheddar, but good, artery-clogging home-made San Franciscan style mac cheese, or close enough. Where do they serve it? (In Tianmu please!)


ah now I’m getting hungry and still an hour left till lunch break! :s

make it? Can’t be that hard to find pasta, milk, cheese, butter and flour

yeah shredded cheese you can get in every supermarket as well as all the other ingredients but I suppose you don’t have a oven? I don’t have one either but I really need to get one soon…

I don’t recall seeing it prepared in quite that way. But you might check Swenson’s (east side of the traffic circle), Jake’s (Zhongshan North Road section 6), or Royal (just around the corner from Swenson’s, on Tianmu East Road – 2nd floor).

Webspar sell Coleman’s Cheddar Cheese sauce mix www.webspartaiwan.com (in the UK groceries section). Add milk and a pile of extra cheese, macaroni, onion, bacon and whatever else takes your fancy and get baking. Delicious! Webspar will deliver to Tianmu too!