WCIF BarBQ / barbecue / BBQ Grills?

I am looking for one of those professional huge stainless steel gas bohemoths. Not some little one for temporary use that rusts or falls apart easily.

I saw the dream machine at Costco for NT$1x,xxx but it is just a little too big for my balconey, but I want something just like it, just a little smaller. Anyone know where they sell “Pro” quality grills. I know that B&Q has a lot of choices, but most all of them are of the non-pro style.

I have had too many that rust outside or break, or just plain suck. I want a good one that will last many years and I am willing to pay extra (within reason) for quality. So does anyone know a good place to go to buy the dream BARBQ grill in the greater Taipei area?

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We have a gas-BBQ called “outback” which was originally from B&Q, three burners, divided into a BBQ-grill half and a hot-plate type half. Solid wooden frame, wheels, gas-bottles can be stored underneath, additional working space on both sides, great fun to “work” with! Not stainless steel, but comes with a cover to protect from rain. I only saw smaller models (double- and single-burner) on my recent visits to B&Q though (Shihlin outlet), but they might be better suited for your balcony anyway. Happy roasting, Xpet.

Not sure if this helps anyone as it is a manufacturer. I might drive down to Changhwa and take a look at Shie Hsang’s products.
Changhwa Factory
No. 52-1, Show Fu Rd., Show Shui Hsiang,Changhwa, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-7697272 / Fax: 886-4-7690572

I heard there is one place on Fu Hsing that sells high-end appliances and also has stainless steel grills. Might be above my budget though.
台北市復興南路一段 205 號 1 樓
TEL:( 02 ) 2752-6152
FAX:( 02 ) 2776-1036

Still thinking I might just go for the COSTCO one and just not install the side burner or side table so that it fits on my balconey more easily. I just wanted more choices before I purchased the one they had there in COSTCO.


Any idea where can I find a barbecue grill at this time of the year. We are looking for a fairly big one, non portable. No gas, just real barbecue, with charcoal.

B&Q, Hola, Homebox, Costco …

Don’t you have anything in Downtown Taipei? I don’t have a car.
I went to B&Q and Hola in Neihu last week and did not found anything…

You might be right, the ones I saw at B&Q were all gas BBQs, if you’re looking for a charcoal one and didn’t find anything at B&Q or other such stores you might just want to try the supermarkets like Carrefour, RTMart etc., not sure whether they have big ones though …

Maybe you could also re-consider a gas powered one … we got a three-burner gas BBQ some time ago and it’s great, the taste is as good as from a charcoal one which I guess is due to the lava rocks in-between the flames and the grill, it’s a lot more controllable, you loose (almost) all that smoke, and the best: you can be ready in minutes … since we have it we’ve had quite a few “spontaneous” BBQ dinners, very nice!

Anyone knnow where I can find a GAS grill, full sized, with a curved top so it can be closed while grilling? I have already tried B&Q, RT Mart, Costo, Tesco, and Carrefour. B&Q had one but the lid was flat.

We also looked for one but couldn’t find any in Taiwan, only to order from the US or Europe. We have the three-burner from B&Q, o.k. but as you say, minus the hood-option … Xpet

B&Q’s bbq’s are quite shitty … they are made poorly and the parts tend to fail quickly. the element will go, and so will the metal grills. the starter works on average for 3 weeks. they are relatively cheap, but expect it to last no more than two years (with infrequent usage) before things start falling apart, literally.

i’m sure someone has bought one, gotten lucky with it, and will come on here saying i don’t know what i’m on about. but i’ve had two, and have seen 4 buddies’ bbq’s die as well.

i will say that b&q was very good about it last time the element went. it took about 2 months, but i got a new element for free (after a hell of a lot of work). and then, summer was over …

I saw some really nice ones at the Trade show last weekend, huge units decked out in 304 and 316 stainless that would grace anyone’s backyard…I enquired as to a local purchase, and the guy looked at me like I’d pissed on his foot. :s

It always frustrates me to no end when the best of manufactured Taiwanese goods are unavailable for local consumers… :frowning:

The B&Q barbies are junk…2 year life at the most and only one without a decent cover.

Costco has a nice Brinkman (coal) grill for around 3,500NT that has a solid build and can cook 75 pounds of meat at a shot…

Sure, if it’s B&Q it’s gotta be crap. Considering the comparably low price we’ve had quite a bit out of our B&Q BBQ so far, it’s a good three years old now, the grill is cast iron that weighs about 10kg covering 60% of the area, the rest is a hot-plate, also cast-iron, but we usually don’t use that one. The starters have always worked until yesterdady evening, as have all three elements (I assume that’s the burners??) with a weekly use-frequency all year round. The wooden base/construction or whatever you call it had to be re-painted with outdoor paint twice already although we have a rain-cover for it, so that’s maybe a weak point … we’re happy :sunglasses:

Then you have the Grandaddy of the Te li wu grills, the Aussie one that cost 18,000NT right?

Yea, I’ll admit it’s a nice exception to the 2 year rule, but the cheaper ones have been used by many up here and to a grill the failure/rust rate is about 2 years

Glad you are enjoying yours though… :sunglasses:

Must have been thinking of myself there … :wink:

I was thinking, would one of these large, round copper hoods they use at the Teppanyakis be a workable substitute for a grill hood? If you’d get a fairly large one most of the smaller BBQ’s grill area should be covered I guess?? I saw them once in one of these kitchen supply stores, can’t remember whether it was here or in Xinzhu though …

I bought the Outback Omega IV from B&Q about two years ago and it has worked o.k., but I have real issues with it.

1.) If you don’t use the barbeque every few days the pilot light will get dirty and won’t light. I hate sitting there for 15 minutes trying to light the damn thing.

2.) I didn’t know where to get propane, so my wife ordered me a small natural gas tank. It burns HOT!!! If I’m not at the grill 100% of the time i will burn something.(even on the lowest setting)

Other than that it looks like a barbeque from back home. I have seen the ones B&Q has now, and 2 years ago they had several models to choose from.

Are you talking about a Gas Grill Like the picture below? I bought one just like this one at COSTCO. They don’t always have them, you have to go frequently to see what they have. By the way, most all of the ones you buy back home are made here or China anyway. Look around for a supplier in Taiwan. I think I have the phone number for the Taipei office of the one I bought from Costco and you can go and buy one from them. Maybe they even deliver.

how much hobart, and what brand? i am contemplating shipping one over from oz when we relocate back to taiwan

The quality was very good. I will look for the name of the brand so tht you can contact the factory. They are an OEM factory that makes BBQ for brand name companies in OZ, Europe and America, but they don’t actualy have a famous name for themselves. I have an acquantance that tweaked it for me with some new parts to make it better so it wouldn’t leak any gas. The price was the same as in the USA for a comparable one. I can’t remember, but I can ask my wife later. I think it was between NT$11,000 and NT$18,000. My wife said it was about NT$16,000.

I called the phone number on the grill (good sign they leave their phone number). They told me that COSTCO will have more stock of their product on May 3. AWOL, if you buy it let me know and I will give you the phone number of a gas oven engineer. He is actually extremely capable. He can make that grill is better than it is when you buy it for about NT$1,000 more. The same guy changed my range/oven from a city gas stove to a bottled gas stove.

Are you sure the Costco price was so reasonable, Hobart? I seem to remember drooling over one of those a few years back but being put off by a NT$26,000 price tag.
If they’re really under NT$20,000 I’ll be there this Saturday!

If it was NT$26,000 I would have never bought it. It didn’t cost that much. Shit, I hope not. That is way too much!