WCIF Beeswax to mold Didgeridoo mouthpiece

The title says it all folks, where’s the wax at? :bow:

…any old didgeridoo shop will have this…

Can you buy a didge in Taiwan? I used to have one, and wouldn’t mind getting one again.

The best deals on beeswax (feng1la4 蜂臘), crude and refined yellow, are online (e.g. NT$40/100g plus cheap shipping, min. 500g, so NT$255/500g), but you can get highly purified beeswax (off-white, pelletized) as well as other waxes like microcrystalline and paraffin (in case you wanted to make a blend for better properties) at a slightly higher price at the First Chemical shop on Tianshui Street in Taipei: ph. 25599699 Da4tong2 district, 天水 Tian1shui3lu4 #43, M-Sat 8:30-6

Probably also the camping stores along Zhongshan North Road near the train station as wax is often used to treat boots.

Perhaps my sarcasm detector isn’t working so well these days, but I figured I had to at least ask if you were serious about this. Does such a place exist in Taipei? I’d LOVE to find such a shop