WCIF Bibimbap with a satisfying amount of meat

It’s not too hard to find a good bibimbap in Taipei, but I’m always left unsatisfied by the tiny portions of meat. I’ve yet to find a Korean restaurant that gives the option to add more, though I’d gladly pay for it if it were available.

At my moms house, she always makes mine with extra meat :grinning:

Other then that, it’s just the way they’re made. Korea was very poor with not a lot of meat available, so traditionally it’s made up of more veggies with a tiny bit of meat.

They’re not hard to make. Try making it yourself. You can make a lot at once and they can be put in the fridge for a few days to eat

I speak without any experience of this in Taipei, but I don’t see why you can’t just ask one of the restaurants to give you more meat in exchange for more money. Do they actually refuse you this option, or have you not inquired?

Shiiit. I’ve been told I couldn’t have extra tomato before because it’s not on the menu. I think ‘not my job’ is epidemic in tpe. If it requires thinking or effort, then f it.

haha gotcha. Well then that may not be an option then. Are there no small shops run by the owner?

Re making your own bibimbab, what goes into the sauce? Presuming it’s the gochujang by the colour, but wondering what else?

Probably has to do with leash laws?

This has been my experience too. I always ask, and I’m always refused. This isn’t exclusive to Korean restaurants, either - if I ask for off-menu extras anywhere, I will be refused.

This is sometimes because they don’t know what to charge for it.