Wcif buckwheat flour

Looking for a store in Taipei that sells buckwheat flour. Need some for a recipe.


Pretty sure I’ve seen it in Jason’s, I think the brand is Bob’s Red Mill or something

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There isn’t one near me, but I may have time for a special trip later this week.

Maybe City Super too.

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I’ve seen it at City Super in Hsinchu.

Should be able to pick up buckwheat flour at any shop that sells Japanese food supplies, or by stopping in and asking you could learn where Japanese restaurants serving soba noodle dishes source their buckwheat.

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Depending on how much you need and how often you use it, you could try throwing some buckwheat into your blender. I’ve never tried it before, but it seems to be a thing. I don’t know what it’d do, if anything, to the blades. Buckwheat is pretty easy to find, though.

There’s a company down south that sells various kinds of buckwheat flour. I got 4 samples a bit over a year ago and they tasted like shit. Jason’s or possible some of the specialty baking stores around town might have some.

Yeah, Bob’s Red Mill, I may have seen it at Jason’s long ago. I often order it from iHerb. Putting a tablespoon or two in your pancake recipe (and switching half the flour to whole wheat) makes a nice, tasty, robust pancake. Dragonbabe has found it at Orange (a local organic store chain) and orders it on PCHomeShopping.

If you’re feelin lucky, you could try Jason’s on Anhe, they usually have a load of Bob’s products (incuding masa harina!), but you got to go way through to the back part, past the canned stuff, almost all the way to the cleaning supplies and shit.