WCIF Carpet / carpeting

I’ve been to B and Q and they don’t have good thick carpet for a soundproofed music mixing room.

So I’m looking for a carpet store in Taipei that can sell me thick carpet.

I’m looking to lay down 1 big piece of carpet not buy a rug of sorts or buy pieces of square carpet that can be joined.

Anyone know?


Take a van up into the mountains and go to any tea house… should be heaps of carpet on the trails surrounding… :slight_smile:

ha ha ha ha

Should be some CLEAN carpet somewhere.

Any stores? Taipei?

No idea, but I suppose if you get desperate you could go to a hotel and ask them where they got their carpet from :slight_smile:

Sorry I shouldnt have been so facetious… I know how tough it is setting up a recording studio.

If all else fails, those rubber fllor mats that some people use to stop young children from harming themsleves (if they fall…) - you know the ones - like a giant jigsaw. Anyway - they are very good at dampening sound - for you neighbours - but they do make the room itself quite bright sounding … good for drums, but can be a bit much for other applications.

I am sure there is a carpet shop on NanJing E Road… near the intersection with FuXing N Rd… head west along NanJing toward the Westin Hotel. Other than that try the community.com.tw msg board.

Thanks, AWOL. I got the jigsaw pieces happening. I’ll check out that carpet store.

Ultimately, I’d like to lay some thick carpet over the jigsaw squishy stuff.

Thanks for your help.

If the foam-mats already achieve your desired sound-proofing effect you don’t need to add (expensive) carpet. If it is indeed too bright, get a few meters of cloth to hang on the walls; you can experiment with the amount of cloth (complete cover, partial cover) to achieve the degree of “dryness” you need the room to have for your purposes. I’ve also seen card-board (in lieu of egg-squares …) used for this purpose, potentially the cheapest approach if you’re o.k. with all sorts of brand-names adorning your studio! :wink: Good luck!

The textile market near Tihua St. usually has rolls of studio quality foam insulation, not the crappy foam stuff they have in the practice rooms here but the extremely dense stuff in which the cones are several inches long. That stuff works well and is easy to find. Last time I was down there they had it right out on the street.

Thanks sandman, very interesting! Why work with substitutes when you can have the real thing!

is this Dihua the street close to the train station?

I was just at a Tai (as in Tai Tai -wife) and (i think) Yuan…so Ti Yuan street close there and saw many places selling sound proofing stuff.

But the thing is that soundproofing material doesn’t mean by default is any good at controlling certain frequencies. I’m invetigating right now what to with the walls.

The floor with the jigsaw tiles helps…but again they control certain frequencies and the carpet will help to control lower freq. But that’s just a start.

I’m still learning mysef but mid and low mid freq, flutter echo need to be controlled mostly.

Auralex makes a nice solution but shipping to Taiwan kills me.

The apt I’m moving into has carpet. Seems a bit thin, perhaps a Berber. The owner is taking it up. Don’t know if he has plans for it. Want more info? I’m going over there tomorrow at 4 pm (Sunday May 16) and perhaps you could look at it if you have some time.

Thanks for the heads up.

Would like to know if the carpet looks attractive…good condition…not old looking.

And is it about the thickness of those mats that connect and are usually for children.

Most of the carpet I have seen so far is very thin or it’s ugly or it’s both.

BTW, AWOL, I went to the streets you told me about near Westin Hotel and didn’t find any carpet place. Are you sure about the location? The MRT (brown line) to Nan Jing E. Rd. took me exactly to the point you were referring to.

I walked that street and asked a few people but no luck.

Checked out the carpet today. It’s quite thin, maybe 1/4". I guess that’s not what you’re looking for but let me know if you want to see it.

Yeah, 1/4" will be too thin. I saw a lot of stuff like it so far. I need a bit shaggier to help with sound control. Otheriwse it’s just thin stuff looking ugly.

Truly thank you for letting me know though.


For future reference if anyone is looking for carpet. There is a carpet importer in Hsindian by the river, over the hills and in the valley. Nice trip out to the country by the way. Call for directions as it is NOT easy to find. http://www.ned.com.tw/home.html They have a huge warehouse and just about any carpet you could want in huge rolls. A much cheaper and more choice than retail, but still seem to be a lot more expensive than back home. They service a lot of the hotels as Taiwan people mostly do not like carpet.

Thanks for that.

Has anyone located a carpeting store that will bind the edges of a room size carpet? I bought a used one several years ago and have finally had to discard it. I want a good quality, probably wool or wool acrylic blend, that is bound at the edges. The small ones at COSTCO won’t make the grade and the stuff at the upscale carpet stores in Tienmu are just too much money to justify (175,000 for room size!) I also don’t want the squares sold at B&Q, etc. I just want Western style yard goods with bound edges. There must be someplace around.

Are you mad? Carpet, here?!?!
Carpet should’ve been banned years ago, it’s like the dirtiest, nastiest stuff you can put in your house.
Then considering the climate here and the humidity etc. you’re going to get all sorts of stuff living and growing in it…
Well, good luck with that one…

Carpeting here works fine. I wouldn’t want to do wall to wall but a room carpet is not uncommon and I have had my old one for at least 6 years. I have a dehumidifier and vaccum occasionally. I also roll it weekly and mop my floor. Look at many of the up scale stores around or businesses and you will find carpeting. I have had no problem (except for the occasional spillage of wine) Give it a try. No problems.

That sounds more like an overgrown rug…
Carpet to me isn’t something you can roll up and mop the floor underneath…
Maybe I spent too long living in the UK where people even have the stuff in the bathroom… :loco:
Apologies for my unhelpful answers here, but I’m still not keen on the idea, despite coming from a place where it would potentially be nice to have carpet in the winter, but we have invented floor heating (although quite some time after the Koreans) and it works quite well.