WCIF cheap body fat analyzer

Hi, found this cheap device :

but prefer going to a store to test it first. any ideas?

I think many electronic scales you buy these days have that function. But I don’t think they’re cheap (2,000 NT or so is how much I think ours was).

I already don’t trust our pricier scale as it is when it comes to the body fat reading (it fluctuates in a way that doesn’t make sense to me). I definitely wouldn’t trust that one you put only your index fingers or thumbs on.

Sit through a mindnumbing sales speech at Worlds Gym… at some point they will ask you to take off your shoes and stand while holding two metal rods in each hand… body fat analyzer.

Congrats… then go home.

What he said. They have a pretty good machine there, I tried it.

Anything you buy in the stores for a few hundred NT$ will be shit, guaranteed (an impedance measurement through your thumbs is completely pointless since it’s obviously only looking at the upper fifth of your body). Anyway, how often do you need to know your body composition? Once a year?

They are totally useless - even the expensive ones that involve holding a bar and doing the feet.

I bought some high end Omron ones for about 4000nt and spent ages trying to get my body fat below 20%.

When I started to get to six pack level and the stupid thing still was at 18% I just bit the bullet and went for a DEXA scan, which gave my measurement as 12%!!

Cheapest body fat analyser? Use a mirror. If you look FAT. YOu no doubt are FAT. And your body fat is through the roof !!

Seriously, I use one of those scales that you stand on barefoot and it gives you an idea. I wouldn’t use the readings as a scientific research but they give you a general idea.

Costs bout 100 bucks.

Really what you need is a caliper… I have no idea where to find this on this island… maybe GNC.


The cheapest … squeeze your fat layer between your fingers, measure it with a caliper as posted above! They might have a ‘special’ fat caliper too.