WCIF - Classified ads which most Taiwanese people use?

Hi, I’m actually from Singapore so i’m not exactly sure what websites does most taiwanese people use?

I have a deadline from my boss and really need to post my request asap.

Try Professional Technology Temple. It’s very widely used.

Is there any other that does not require me to install a telnet software?

For what kinds of ads? Sell and buy?

a Job Ad for 2 weekends in Singapore…
Travel and accommodations are provided.

Your best bet is probably to look for related Facebook groups. Just about everyone in Taiwan is on Facebook.

I did try some already…I’ll continue trying to find more groups then.


That requires me to register as a corporate and is a paid service…at least i think so as i can’t find another method there.

Although I may be guessing , would it be to find female models to fit into “ tight fitting “ costumes “ , to promote a certain Night Market in Taiwan ? :thinking:I think you would be better to contact an agency that has show girls on their books .

wow…My cover has been blown!!!
*Runs Away

P.S. i was actually thinking of finding cosplayers…