WCIF Cocoa Powder

Just went to Jason’s and couldn’t find any…

centuries ago it seems they sold Van Houten dutch cocoa. IT was awesome, then it was made in Singapore and less awesome, then it stopped altogether. Nowadays you can only try to find Hersheys cocoa. Still good tho.

I should be more clear - im looking for baking cocoa powder - not the drink mix :slight_smile: something with no milk powder…

I used to find the Cocoa by Hersheys pretty easily in Taiwan. IT can be used for baking . Its not the drink mix one. I think the cocoa content is 70pct or something.

Maybe dragonbones will chime in. He goes to some specialist baking shop to buy ingredients. They should have something like that.

Van Houten is all over the place. Jason’s has some other fancy brand as well, but I can’t remember what it’s called.
It’s located by the tea and stuff though, not by the baking goods.
Try CitySuper, Breeze Super or whatever the supermarket in Mitsukoshi is called, seen it in all of them.
Don’t bother with Hershey’s it’s crap for baking and doesn’t taste nice at all.

That bad huh? Is the VanHouten made in Holland or Singapore? The dutch made ones were far better then the singaporean one, unless quality has improved.

By the way , here in the USA, Hersheys does sell a cocoa specifically for baking. They got that there? STill crap?

It just doesn’t taste as nice and it tends to go lumpy really quick, I guess in part due to the humidity here. Also, if you ever want to make yourself a cup of drinking chocolate out of real cocoa, the Van Houten stuff is so much nicer. We got some really nasty stuff by some friends from MOS burger as a ready mix, undrinkable crap :thumbsdown:

Iv always loved the VanHouten stuff. Its completely unavailable here in the bay area. :frowning:

Fair trade baking cocoa powder is available at Earthtree in 150g and 1000g packages. :thumbsup:
There’s [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/fair-trade-chocolate/38312/8 in an alley parallel to Yongkang St.[/url] near Shida, just south of Cello south of the park; and a new branch in the alley on the north side of Spot, which is on the NW corner of Zhongshan N. Rd. and Nanjing Rd.; Lane 20 #8.

[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/diy-baking-supply-supplies/22088/33 DIY baking supply places[/url] sell unbranded cocoa powder.
Wellman’s in Tianmu has Hershey’s.
Some of the other high-end supers (but apparently not Jasons) should carry it too.

The Mitsukoshi supermarket has the large Van Houten boxes on sale for NT$155, it’s in basement of the one that’s closest to the city hall MRT station.

funny how we seem to all be conditioned on brands really early-on

Europeans do love Nestle chocolate products and the Swiss & Belgian brands whereas Americans and nations colonized by them (Philippines as example ) would swear that Hersey’s the dog’s bollocks…

personally i find Hershey’s and cadbury to be disgusting filth :ohreally:

Oh, I didn’t even think to look near the tea! OK well glad to know it’s around!

Hershey’s, Nestle and Cadbury are all crap imho.
Cocoa is one of those things that if it isn’t good quality, it tastes crap.
I never had Van Houten until I moved to Taiwan, but for the money it’s good stuff.
Back home we have “eye cocoa” and it’s not particularly great, but it’s what I grew up with.

Oh and Jason’s seem to have a 2 for 1 deal on tiny little tins on Van Houten with Japanese writing on them, but for less, you get the large boxes over at the Mitsukoshi supermarket…
Jason’s also has some fair trade backing cocoa, but it’s quite expensive and they also have another Dutch brand and some other stuff I wasn’t really paying attention to.

I got a can of Hershey brand at the No. 4 Park DIY baking store. Address/directions on the DIY baking thread.