WCIF Cold Pressed Canola Oil in Taipei?

I’m looking for Cold Pressed Canola Oil … and I can’t find it anywhere.

Does anybody know?

CAnola oil is from the seed of the Rape plant. It is a very common plant found in Canada. A scientist learned a way to adapt the oil to make it edible. The oil was used mainly to burn in oil lamps before and causes heart attacks if eaten. But converted it is supposed to be safe. IT is a common oil found in many foods.

However, personally i dont trust it and I never buy it. I specifically avoid it as much as possible (i can’t help that it is used in processed foods but I dont have to use it at home).

Is there a reason you wanted this oil particularly? It is popular here only because it is very cheap.

IT may be healthier to use another oil. Sunflower oil or grapeseed oil is a similar light oil.


I’ve read it’s high in Omega 3s. It’s good for the heart. Lowers cholesterol. It’s the main oil used by Okinawans (more centenarians per capita than anywhere else on earth).

Also after reading the wiki page that has just backed up what I thought.

Any ideas where I can buy it in Taipei?

Here is a maker (probably repackaged from bigger containers) in Taiwan:

taiwantrade.com.tw/MAIN/en_f … ome_soon=0

Otherwise, it should be very easy to find as it is such a common oil (here in the USA).
Try all the big supermarkets yet?