WCIF Coopers beer? (Aussie)

Ive just gotten back from a trip home and my god, I forgot how much I love the stuff! And, it doesnt give you a hangover! Ive found distributors in HK, Korea, Japan, and Mongolia but not here (Mongolia WTF?!). Anyone know if I can get it here (green/red)? I might just have to get the home brew kit and do a batch myself! Cheers

I’m sure i’ve seen it before at Jason’s in Taipei 101. Was a while ago though…

Thanks, Im in Kaohsiung and I checked Jasons here but to no avail. If its in Taipei I would almost be up for making a mission and getting a couple cartons!

It was relatively ubiquitous ten years or so ago, back when I was actually in Taiwan. Only ever remember seeing the red though.

I’d suggest contacting the producer and asking for details of their Taiwan distributor. Or try Australian Chamber of Commerce - they used to pour Coopers at their events and may still do.

I saw the sparkling in Jason’s about four years ago but not since.