WCIF cornbread in Taipei?

Any place selling it these days?

Baba Kevin’s


Saw a cornbread making video today right after I watched one about spinach


You probably have to make it yourself, in which case I’d like to know where to get Corn Flour.

Jason’s sells organic corn flour. So does City Super.

Most baking supply stores sell corn meal and corn flour.

I just made some a few nights ago.

In a pinch, you can also use semolina flour.

How about corn meal? Anyone know where that is? I understand you use corn meal to make corn bread, rather than corn flour?



Also any baking store, but sometimes they need a couple days to get it in.

Also, Jason’s on Anhe.

Terminology confusion. Isn’t corn flour what Americans call cornstarch? It’s used for thickening puddings and soups.
I thought the flour to make cornbread and muffins is exclusively called cornmeal.
Could someone list the flours with Chinese name too.
Is there a locally made cornmeal/cornflour product I can buy?

I don’t know what “corn flour” is, TBH.
For cornbread you need corn meal, as @schwarzwald posted above.
Jason’s also has Masa Harina

For making posole and corn tortillas, etc.

Just to make things interesting, though, the common name for corn meal in Taiwan is “corn flour”

Oh, and don’t get confused with corn starch. :wink:

What about buttermilk? That’s the key ingredient for my recipe.

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As in “great body, buttermilk…”??

Oh wait, that doesn’t work.
Never mind.

One time I was making cornbread and my mom sauntered up and dipped her finger in the buttermilk and tasted it by itself just to see if it tasted as terrible as she thought it would. She then shuddered and walked away.

It definitely does taste disgusting by itself. But in cornbread? Divine!

Buttermilk powder from iHerb, or more likely, 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice whisked into 1 cup of milk.

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Apparently you can fake buttermilk by adding lemon juice or vinegar

ETA: beat me to it

Somehow that sounds even ickier than buttermilk…

I’ve always used lemon juice and haven’t tried vinegar - but I guess it depends on what you’re using the buttermilk for? I use it mostly for cornbread, pancakes, or waffles. Or muffins, I think?

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