WCIF Country Music?

I think my boyfriend is one of only a handful of Taiwanese who like country music. When we were living in the US, it was easy to find and listen to country music.

Here in Taiwan, we can sometimes find CDs in the different music stores. Though, the selection is low. Anyone have any idea of where to go for country music here in Taiwan – stores, radio, clubs, etc…?



From my experience, the CD stores with the largest selections of country music are Eslite (in the basement of the Dunhua S. Rd. Eslite complex) and Tower (Dinghao and Ximen Ding). Unfortunately, however, they’re also two of the most expensive stores. :frowning:

You can listen to country music online if you have an ADSL connection.

You can also download the music with many free file sharing(i.e. kazaalite, gnucleus, kazaa…). I’m not sure of the legality as I would never do anything to break the laws in this country or my own :smiley: :wink: . Just do an internet search for the country music station in the US or for file sharing network.


World Space satellite radio has coverage in Taiwan. They have a country music station. Good luck buying a radio receiver. I don’t think they sell them in Taiwan.

The Tower Records on Chung Hsiao b[/b]/Tun Hua has a decent selection. As a matter of fact, as I write this I’m listening to the live Dwight Yoakam album I bought there a few days ago.

Jacks Country Pub and the Post Home in Tien Mu both have decent Countyr Music Collections.


Where are Jack’s Country Pub & Post Home in Tien-Mu? Any other places in TPE for country music lovers? Thanks! :wink:

Post home is at No. 31, Lane 35, Sec. 6, Chung Shan N. Road
Jacks is at No 8, Chung Yi St. in Tien mu. (Between the Yang Minng hospital and Zhong Cheng Road)