WCIF decent burritos or fish & chips in Taichung?

I was talking with an American friend who mentioned he misses decent burritos. He said there’s a place in Taipei but that’s a little far to go. Anyone know where/if you can get them in Taichung? I know Finga’s has some Mexican food, not sure about burritos/tortillas, and of course my tastes are probably a tad different.

Also, and I’m guessing this’ll be a ROFL nowhere, is there anywhere you can get fish & chips, or as they occasionally say in Oz fush 'n chups :stuck_out_tongue: I know bony fish is sold places, and burgers comes with chips e.g. the aforementioned Finga’s, but fish & chips together seem a mite elusive.

There used to be a “Mexican” restaurant called Red & Green just off of Jin Hua N. Rd. I don’t know if it’s still there or if it will meet your needs, but it’ll give you one more alternative to Finga’s and Frog.


There’s a new restaurant where the old Mojo Coffee used to be called Friends with Benefits (stupid name, I know). It’s just a couple businesses over from the Subway on Daye Rd. They have fish and chips. However, like Red & Green above, I make no guarantees of its authenticity.


taiwanfun.com/central/taichu … riends.htm

^^^Awesome post with Google maps! Thanks

I’m pretty sure Friends with Benefits has closed down. I feel Finga’s Mexican type food used to be better than it is now, so if you find something, do let us know.

Red & Green is still around and quite good.

Wasn’t there a restaurant named after a frog in Taichung? I recall eating Mexican food there and watching drunk, loud Canadians shout out their pain. Is it still open?

Fush n chups is New Zealand speak, not Oz speak.

Check out Elephants fish & chips. $180. Beautiful white fish with a thin crisp batter. With real chips . . . Not fries.

facebook.com/pages/Changas/ … tos_stream

Changa’s seem to have burrito-like food. I’m planning to visit it, just it’s a little far for me~