Wcif dog hotels that do not keep dogs inside kennel cages

Hello everyone, I am visiting the States for a couple of weeks, and need a place to leave my dogs so they can be taken care of. I’ve visited a couple of dog hotels in the Hsinchu area, and they all keep the dogs inside kennels all day. I really don’t feel comfortable leaving my dogs inside kennels, and was wondering if anyone here knows of a place in Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu, taichung areas) where dogs can roam around freely.
Thanks all in advance for your help!

I highly recommend Yoyo dogs in Taoyuan - the dogs get big rooms on the floor, no cages, and lots of time outside with a huge facility. They will even give you a ride to/from the airport if you need one. yoyodogs.com.tw/e-index.htm

We’ve used them 4-5 times and it’s been perfect.

Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I was looking for, you just made my weekend!

any places like that in Taichung?
Usually my friend who is also my neighbor took care of my cat, but need to move out of that apartment soon, so I might need a cat hotel soon.

Hi jbstate, did you try this place in Taoyuan?
We just adopted a dog and we want to cover the eventuality of traveling abroad for few days.
Thanks in advance and thanks to drvelocity for the info!

something like that in Taipei maybe Neihu area?