WCIF Durex Comfort Condoms

I used to buy them from the usual drug store or Carrefour but they seem to have disappeared! On the pack it sates the size as 56mm - any alternatives?

Most that I see show the size as 52 or 53mm which are a little bit on the tight and uncomfortable side.

ryanx Are you in Taipei? I think I’ve seen these in Taoyuan at the J-Mart in Nankan, but I’d have to check.

I am in Taichung.

Have you checked the condom store, one in Ximen and one in Danshui (there may be others)?

But these are in and around Taipei, right? I am in Taichung.

I order trojan magnums in bulk online and go to the local stationary supply store to get a box of rubber bands to go with them

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I was in a 7-11 here in TC city and they have the whole range. Also the everything Shop " shao bei bai" has them.

Thanks, but I looked in 7-11 but I did not see it. Maybe they were out of stock at that moment I will look in a couple more. Where is this Shao Bei Bai? or is that a general term for a kind of shop?