WCIF earplugs?


This is probably very easy to find but as a newbie in Taiwan, I just have no idea.I’m looking for cheap earplugs just like the one at pcstore.com.tw/millerhohoho/M03533826.htm but I only need two pairs.

I’ve tried looking for it in carrefour but they don’t have any.

I always had good luck finding them at pharmacies/drug stores. I used that type for a while, but switched to the swimming ones (just pull the strings out) as the former fell out often.

Yes, pharmacies usually have them. I think they’re called ěr sāi (“ear-blockers”).

Anyone have any updates on this? Trying to find decent, high-performance earplugs.

The orange foam type available in Cosmed/Watsons aren’t dense enough to block low frequencies and the latex rubber “swimmer’s earplugs” are pretty uncomfortable to wear for extended periods.