WCIF Egg Roll Pastry / Wrappers

Where can I find the wrappers to make those deep fried egg rolls.

Any supermarket

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So far I have not found them in any supermarket. To be more clear, these wrappers are not used for wontons or dumplings. They are much thinner, and larger in size. Typically they are used for Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Chinese Egg Rolls.

The dry, translucent Vietnamese spring roll wrappers you can find in many supermarkets and hypermarts. The Taiwanese style spring roll wrappers you will not find at supermarkets. You have to buy them at traditional markets. They are sold by weight. If you can find a chinese noodle maker at a traditional market, they may also sell these wrappers. If you go to the traditional market and see a stall with some round flat griddles about 12 to 14 inches across, you’ve found them. A ball of sticky dough is slapped onto the griddles, and lifted off. The dough cooks in seconds, and then is lifted off and stacked.Also, if you see a spring roll stand, you can either ask to buy some, or ask them for the location of the spring roll wrapper shop.

Egg roll wrappers for Cantonese style dim sum fried spring rolls I have no clue where to buy them. Ask a dim sum restaurant?