WCIF English info on Taipei LGBT Pride Parade Oct. 31st?

Every year, I have had to work on Saturday afternoons so I have had to miss this event, but I am finally free to join. The problem is the website is only in Chinese and I don’t know who to contact to find out about starting times and locations. Also if there are other forumosans who are participating, I’d love to hook up.

Get in touch with wix. He had something on his blog about it, so I guess he knows what’s going on.

I picked up a flyer at the Witch House. Thanks for the link, though, cfimages!

The parade will start from Ketagalan Rd. in front of the Presidential Palace building thingie at 1:00 pm and will go until 2pm.

Actually there is information in English and Japanese on the site. You just didn’t scroll far enough down.

Also, the marchers will start assembling at 1 pm and will march at 2pm. I’d guess that most people will finish the march around 3:30pm given the route.

This is a really fun and welcoming event. LGBT or otherwise show up and have a great time!

[quote]Time & Route
Time: Oct. 31 (Sat.) 14:00
Assembly begins at 13:00
Assembly Area: In front the Office of the President (Kaidagelan Blvd.)
Route: Route: Kaidagelan Blvd→ Gongyuan Rd. → Xiangyang Rd. → Chongching S. Rd. → Henyang Rd. → Chunghua Rd. → Hangko St. → Guanchien Rd. → Zongxiao W. Rd. → Gongyuan Rd.→ Changde St. → Chongsan S. Rd. → Kaidagelan Blvd.

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