WCIF English Speaking Real Estate Agent?

We’ll be moving back to Taiwan (after 4 years there in the past) and need to find an apartment/house in the Tianmu area as one of the kids will be attending TAS (the others will be in local schools nearby) starting Fall of 2015. After having tried a long commute to schools in the past, we are determined to be as close as possible to school this time around. There are six of us, so we need something “bigger than average”.

I’ve searched past posts and found suggestions of Audrey at HomeSweet Home but her website links are all not working, so not sure if she’s still around. Any other suggestions on a reasonable estate agent that can work with folks that speak very basic Chinese and knows the Tianmu area. Any other thoughts on how to find a place, i.e. good English sites? I’ve tried some of the Chinese sites and they just take too much work to figure them out, plus the owners usually can’t respond in English.


591.com.tw you can find some houses in the tianmu area and contact those agents. If you have problem with the chinese you could use google chrome with translate to browse the website.