WCIF Fenders/mudguards

Hoping someone knows…

I’m looking for full length fenders to fit 700c wheels on a road bike? Anyone know of a bicycle shop in Taiwan selling these?


Sorry, Stevie, can’t help, but I just want to add that I’m also looking for full-length mudguards (but for 26" wheels). Not the stupid plastic ones that clip onto the back of a seatpost either. Frustratingly, I see the perfect ones on a lot of low-end bikes.

Yea! it’s frustrating! Can find for 20" wheels, i.e.; folding bikes. But I searched high and low on ruten and yahoo bid – nothing (only thing close was crud catcher race blades). Online from U.K. the postage is ridiculous. If I see any 26" size fenders will message you.

James at Auranden used to carry super light fenders for 700 cm wheels. I really should have bought a pair a while back, but it was sunny and dry then. He might still have some, or be able to order them for you. Give him a call. The shops open at 3:30 today I believe.

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … n#p1225984

Wiggle it!

£32 postage!

try ebay

e.g delivery on these is 7GBP http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SKS-RaceBlade-Long-Road-Bike-700c-Mudguards-Race-Blade-Black-/360516027164?pt=UK_sportsleisure_cycling_bikeparts_SR&hash=item53f06e031c

and these are GBP 8.50 delivery

Ebay! Dam forgot about that. Don’t want crud catcher or race blades though. Want real fenders. Will look. Cheers.

Specialized in Neihu was kind enough to order my SKS fenders for me. I don’t recall who their supplier was, but I only had to pay something like NT$1200.