WCIF Filipino music/musicians?

Hello all!

I’m about to take the long journey to Taiwan in a few days as part of a research project. I’m trying to document how the culture of immigrants changes (or doesn’t) within the context of their new social environment. I’m focusing on the Filipino population and their music. Is anyone aware of where I might find some events I could attend where live music plays a part? Or if anyone is aware of any musicians I might be able to interview? I’ll be in Taipei and Kaohsiung between the dates 5/27-6/17. Any info would be helpful.


Just about every Philipino in Taiwan are either domestic workers or factory workers… they work so much that I wonder if they have time for anything other than work.

That’s practically true but I believe that they do find opportunities to engage in activity beyond work. Just the fact that little Manila exists is evidence of this.

I know there are some Philippino church groups - and I bet they play guitar

A whole bunch of the long time working musicians in town are from the PIs, I’m just not sure where they all play these days.
Look for anywhere that features live “jazz”…
Brown Sugar?
Mr goose egg might have a better idea about what official resources you could consult.

Tommy of the Rubberband (used to play at Shannon, then Tone and China Pa, haven’t seen him in a year), I may have a contact for him you’re interested (PM me), he was lead in a rock cover band with some chick who may also be Filipino. The only band I ever saw in Asia do a good rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

A friend of mine took us to Pizza Pub in the Sheraton on Zhong Hsiao and they have a band with a particularly young attractive thing singing - good singer too - who I am fairly certain is a Filipina.

Saw that same band in Sheraton. Know they are Filipinos, and I think they are regulars.

Contact this guy:

Clark Entertainment
John Clark
PO Box 290
Taitung, Taiwan 95099

He runs Who’s Lounge in Taidong, and is also bringing in good bands in Kending, Gaoxiong, and Tainan.