WCIF Foam Filler Spray

WCIF foam filler, would like to spray the material between two ceiling boards to fill a gap that maybe letting some insects into the living area?
Here is a picture of what i am looking for. (Thinking of going to B&Q to check anyway, but just checking if anyone has any info if the product is available anywhere)

I may have bought mine from the former B&Q.

Ok, thats good news, at least the product maybe available in Taiwan. Will head out to the B&Q(Think its called i home now) this weekend and check around. Thanks for the reply!

It IS available in Taiwan. I just don’t recall where I bought mine. Either a local hardware shop or The Artist Formerly Known as Big Orange.

Seriously, it was B&Q, te4li4 or te4li4wu1 in Chinese, but they lost the B&Q name, and just replaced that part of the sign with blank orange space. The sign is a big orange square. Furriners might as well just keep calling it B&Q for convenience.

I’m looking for this too for the same reason. One brand name is “Great Stuff”.

I’ve checked Home Box in Xinzhu with no luck.

I will head out to i-Home in neihu (near costco) this weekend (pending the weather), will keep you posted if i manage find anything.

Pretty much any small hardware store will have it, no need for B&Q or the like. All the TW franchise 五金行 places I can think of carry it, although it is the locally made brand so you won’t find English on the label. The exact same product though, just look for the can with the tell tale applicator hose/trigger thingy. A lot cheaper than import brands too.

Ok so didnt get a chance to head out to Neihu yet, but spotted it in Carrefour today. (Xinyi Branch - Dongxing/Bade Intersection)
If i remember correcttly the price was around 180/200.

Bought one can, will give it test soon and see how it goes.