WCIF food grade ascorbic acid, 100 per cent pure Vit C, asap for chest pains?

Sorry about the boring, selfish WCIF topic.

I am currently getting checked out by a cardiologist for chest pains. It could be anything, not necessarily the heart.

I managed to nearly totally cure myself years ago using pure vit c in powder form, following Linus Pauling therapy.

I ordered some on Tienshui street, but it’ll take a few days to come.

If anyone knows where I can find pure vit c tomorrow morning, it feels like it’ll save my life.

Casualty told me nothing was wrong, cept for a suspected minor problem. Of course I’ll continue
visiting the doctor.

Store bought pills are no good, it has to be 100per cent pure. I tried other commercial brands and felt no positive effects.

Sorry for the hassle, any ideas appreciated.


Of course I’ll

I went to casualty and they said there was nothing serious, of course I will continue getting checked iyt

Oh and plz excuse the formatting errors, and the trail offs at the end of the post… This phone sucks.Yes I am seeing a cardiologist, I wont try and treat this alone.