WCIF Ground, Raw, uncooked Turkey in Taipei?

Where can I find Ground, Raw, uncooked, plain turkey in Taipei?

I found this suggestion
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … y#p1455934

“You can get ground lamb, beef, chicken and turkey at the Tianmu butcher just north of Tianmu road on Zhongshan, on the east side near the big gym. The exact same stuff (from that butcher), slightly pricier, is also for sale at Wellman’s a bit further south. For meat, also check out Mayful, between the Neihu B&Q and Carrefour which are both behind Costco”

Wondering if anybody knows the following

  1. Does this butcher have weird store hours? Anybody know their hours?
  2. Are there any other places that sell turkey? Tian mu is doable, but I would prefer someplace closer to the city center (I get the feeling I might not have a choice)

Not sure but they seem pretty normal about opening. I think they open early but may close early too.

There’s a place across from Wellman’s that probably has it too, I think this is their number:


As a point of reference, the address for the butcher shop (as far as I could tell from google maps) is
No. 44, section 7, Zhongshan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11156

Right, that’s the one on the hill near the gym.

Ahh, you can see their phone number here, just add a 2 in front

maps.google.com.tw/maps?q=25.12 … 5RgLZFJtug

They speak basic English if I remember.

Downtown I bet either City Super or Breeze Center’s supermarket would probably carry turkey. They carry lamb and that is exotic enough. Funny Costco doesn’t, only cooked.

City Super does not carry it. I already looked there, and neither does Jason’s.

This is a tough one, as there is really no market for ground turkey Taiwan. You can of course buy a turkey in Taiwan. Live and gobbling, and have the poultry seller kill, and dress it for you. Easy to find in Chiayi city. There must be a poultry seller that sells turkey in Taipei for the shops that do Chiayi chicken (turkey) and rice.

How about Wellman’s market up in Tianmu? I seem to recall seeing imported frozen, ground turkey from the US.

And Breeze? It does have stuff no one else does… at incredible prices, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I’ve only seen ground turkey at Wellman’s and at the butcher’s in Tianmu - they’re not that far apart from each other. Last year ground turkey was 250NT for a pound (450g? 500g?) at Wellman’s; I’ve heard (I think in the thread linked to above) that it’s ever so slightly cheaper at the butcher’s. Those places are also the only establishments where I’ve seen ground lamb, although I’ve bought rather bad shredded lamb at Carrefour in the past. Once.

The butcher’s is just called “Taipei-Butchery”, with minor spelling and punctuation variations. They told me they’re open every day, but close earlier - 6pm - on Sundays. I didn’t record how late they’re open otherwise.

Wellman’s is quite close to both Eddy’s Cantina and White Coffee (one of the few Malay places in Taipei), so there are other worthwhile reasons to visit the area.

They’re really good!

They’re really good![/quote]
Yup - you’re the one that sent me there in the first place.

I did find ground turkey at Wellmans in Tianmu. 400g for NTD 250. It looks like it was resold from the Taipei Butchery as their label was on the package.

Yes, that is exactly what Wellmans does. The same thing is cheaper and perhaps fresher at Taipei Butchery, just a hundred or two yards to the north. Wellmans also appears to buy things like Kirkland canned meats at Costco, break the packages down to individual cans, and resell them at a profit to people who don’t have a Costco card. Wellmans is still a good shop for some things, but caveat emptor.

Dude’s looking for raw, uncooked turkey. Impossible to find it in such a state. Perchance, if he was looking for raw, cooked turkey, he would be luckier.