WCIF Gyms Near Shi-Lin, Taipei City?

Hi. I just moved to the Shi-Lin area (from the Democratic Republic of Berkeley, California) and am looking for a gym where I can work out with free weights. It doesn’t have to be in Shi-Lin, but pretty close (and near an MRT) would be best.

Does anyone have any recommendations? As you might guess, I am looking for a good deal, and could probably commit to a six month contract, but would prefer a monthly rate. Thanks everyone.

I think you have California Fitness center in Tienmu… take the 220 bus from Shilin Nightmarket and you will end up 40 meters from the main entrance. Not sure if its cheap though, but they certainly got everything you need…

there’s one across from jiantan station next to bowling alley, been there several years. don’t know about the equipment

If you go to California Fitness, haggle like crazy!!!

Thanks for the kind replies. I will check out the places you mentioned. I already checked out California Fitness (at Taipei Main MRT), and didn’t know that you can haggle with them. Thanks for that.

I also read about the Zhongshan Community Center on this forum, and will check it out.

This might warrant another post, but I am also interested in taiji and qigong in the area. Anyone have any leads?

Thanks again.

yup… I used to walk past this place everyday

never been inside before so I can’t comment on how good/bad it is