WCIF Jell-O and/or Jell-O molds

Thanks for looking.

As a treat for our last class, I’d like to do a fun cooking activity for a sweet kid I’ve been tutoring for over a year.

She loves gummy bears and always shows me this video (youtube.com/watch?v=HBa458RoLpw) of giant gummy bears so I thought making one out of Jell-O would be pretty cool.

Does anyone have an idea where I can find Jell-O in Taipei? Also, for molds in gummy bear or something similar?

Thanks for your help or any related substitutes you could suggest.


Maybe one of those bake shops has it or try pantry magic in Tianmu. Other suggested places include the general merchandise/DIY stores, Daiso 39NT store, and some of those stores that sell Japanese goods. I haven’t seen it in any of them, but those are some likely places.

Or if you decrease the liquid content and up the gelatin, you’ll get a real gummy bear. You can search online for instructions.

You can probably find Jell-O at Wellman’s, but they sell gelatin in powder and sheets at DIY baking supply stores (see stickied list); you can change the liquid to fruit juice for flavor, but some fruit juices inhibit the setting of the gelatin, so have a search for what kinds. The DIY shops also carry molds, as do Muji and Hands Tailung. You can search online for locations, but there’s a Muji in ATT4Fun near Warner (by 101), and there are Hands in the Shilin Sogo and in Breeze (Fuxing N. Rd.).

Thanks to the both of you for the help. I decided to follow Drangonbones advice and make gummy bears instead. Googled some recipes and it seems easy enough so fingers crossed.

Thanks again