WCIF KTV with current English songs (Taipei)

Hi ya’ll,

I have been to Holiday, Party World and a few other KTV places in Taipei but they all lack current English songs. I think the newest they have is Lady Gaga from the Fame Game. I am looking for a place with a variety of English songs that aren’t all from the 80s/90s and preferably with songs from 2010+. I’m sick of singing the same 5 songs whenever I go to KTV.

Thanks in advance

Unless I’m sadly misinformed, I’m afraid Cashbox is about as good as you’re gonna get. If you want to expand your KTV repertoire, your best bet would be to learn some popular Mandarin songs. :2cents:

There are some places offering karaoke besides the big KTV chains, and I have been lucky there with finding some English language rock and even German stuff. For example a tiny bar called “maybe” had (besides a lot of English stuff) German stuff from Nena to Rammstein, and a strange bar somewhere on Linsen North Road had lots of english rock/metal songs. But those were more like pubs, not KTVs, and simply happened to have a screen where you could ask for / chose songs. The maybe bar was obviously using a homebrew system with a PC and a projector.