WCIF Leather craft store in Taipei City

I’m looking to buy some leather craft tools and some leather. I’ve heard of silverleather but I want to find a store in Taipei city.

Now that you say it… That could be interesting, if the prices are reasonable. :slight_smile:

There’s a fantastic place just off Neihu Road. Let me get back to you with the details (I’m sure I posted the info somewhere here already).

OK, here you go:
Website: ivan.tw/
Google maps street view (it’s just to the left of Mos Burger in that picture): maps.google.com/?ll=25.080002,1 … 2.91,0,-1

That Ivan place looks great. There’s also a little shop in an alley north of the Taipei Train Station that has a similar selection of leathercraft tools and materials. A bit hard to find but this map should make it clear:


Thanks, I’ll check these places out.