WCIF Macadamia nuts?

I’m new to the forum, and did a search as well, only to find tad-bits about macadamia nuts… so my question is, where can i find them in taiwan - taipei… and i dont mind about the price (cheapest, good quality of course is a plus)


Only Costco that I know of. Not to bad with the expense. About the same as in U.S. converted.

oh, how much in the USA [I’m Australian…] … and yes, i know i should’ve brought some over with me …

I’ve seen them in countless supermarkets and other shops. Usually in a turquoise and yellow ziploc bag. Very recognizable brand. They’re very easily found, usually.

I’ve seen macadamia nuts all over City Super and Jason’s, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen PLAIN macadamias - they’re all with added flavours, which may or may not be what you’re after. Look in both the snack and baking goods sections.

They are (AFAIK) invariably the roasted, salted, ready to eat kind. I think I’ve also seen them in Wellman’s (Tianmu import grocer), as well as Jason’s, City Super, and so on. Just not my local grocery store.

EDIT: I saw plain ones for baking at my local DIY baking supply for about $140 for 200g yesterday, in case you’re making something like macadamia and white chocolate chunk cookies or something similar.

PCadamia nuts are so much better.

I found a baking store in Tianmu, I think the address is 322 De Xing East Road, the neighborhood sorta behind Takashimaya.

I saw almonds (sliced, slivered, chopped) and am pretty sure I saw macadamia nuts too bagged for about NT180.

The sign outside says something like ‘baking’.

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Does anyone know of a macadamia nut grower in Taiwan? Or, a vendor that has macadamia seed stock?