WCIF Mars bars

Not sure how picky you are but Milky Way / 3 Musketeers is pretty close, maybe you can find those.

That’s inedible.

It is healthier though but my bro was very into sweets and quite afraid of him due to diabetes run into my family.

It’s mostly used for baking, not just eating. Or use to make chocolate milk.

Can you eat a Snickers bar anywhere?
Can with a Marathon Bar Until! (Americanised into snickers)

Holy crap, we stole the Snickers bar?

They did have these for awhile a couple years back, I think in Jason’s or something like that. I haven’t seen them recently though… Maybe for the best, my wife and I would devour them.

Hong Kong. My friend who is a nutrition expert frowned when I showed him I had bought a couple of bars for nostalgic reasons. About 5 years since I had tried one. Have to say, I did not think it tasted that good.

I blame y’all for creating a craving for hard-to-find chocolates.:yum::chocolate_bar::heart_eyes::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::grimacing::sob:

This is what 2130 NTD of price gouging Shopee chocolee lookee like (find the 10 NT coin as a reference). At least they arrived quickly!

Coffee Crisp (115 grams) = 250 EACH! [Amazon price = 43]
Mr. Big (110 grams) = 250 too
Bounty (100 grams) = a steal at 200 :unamused:

Zut alors, I need to befriend some Canucks, or beg my sister.

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Stop buying Mars Wrigley products!

‘Snickers owner apologizes after referring to Taiwan as a country’

'American candy giant Mars Wrigley has insisted it “respects China’s national sovereignty” and apologised after an advert for its Snickers bar referred to Taiwan as a country, sparking outrage on the mainland.

Screenshots of marketing for the nutty confectionery featuring the South Korean boyband BTS were swiftly picked up on social media in mainland China, where any suggestion the island is an independent nation is highly taboo.’


And it went on:

“Hours after the first statement, Snickers China shared another Weibo post adding that “there is only one China in this world, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory”.”

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :-1:


I’m torn. I don’t know whether to support them for successfully trolling the thin-skinned CCP, or avoid them for being venal, moneygrubbing cowards.

I think my desire for chocolate will outweigh any rational thought.

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They don’t really sell mars bars in America anymore either. Haven’t seen one in America since 2006 if my memory serves me.

sure they do
Amazon sells them
Target sells them
just about any grocery store website shows them too

Maybe online but not in stores. If you see one in stores please take a picture

Also maybe the region matters?

check walmart and cracker barrel

:thinking: cracker barrel makes sense. Anyway I’m back in Taiwan now. Just saying I never saw mars bars around any more when I was in America. I saw them a lot as a kid though

They left the US for 15 years and just came back a year or two ago

The closest thing to a mars bar is a midnight milkyway

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Ohhh that would explain a lot!!