WCIF marzipan/icing for Xmas cake or baker to do it!

A friend was kind enough to bring a Fruit cake from England as a gift. Unfortunately converting it to a Xmas cake is proving to be difficult. Anyone fancy doing the Marzipan/Icing ? I am in Taichung and more than happy to pay a good price for the help! Bit worried that Taiwanese Bakeries score 10/10 for presentation but 1/10 for taste! Any help appreciated .

You must have different fruitcakes from what we have in the U.S. Ours are not for eating, they are for use as doorstops, paperweights, and so on. I’ve never heard of putting marzipan on one (that would interfere with their utility).

Well, crap. I can’t get a connection to Google right now, but if you search for “marzipan recipe”, there’s one from the BBC that is probably the sort you want (a Brutish marzipan, as opposed to what the rest of the world knows it as).

Ah, dogpile.com to the rescue:
bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/8164 … a-marzipan