WCIF Mask Recycling

Anyone know of a place that recycles masks? Kinda trying to avoid throwing them in the bin.


It’s considered Bio Waste @Marco .

Yeah but IMO, they shouldn’t just be sent to the landfill or incinerator. They’re full of plastic. I’m not suggesting them be reused. lmao.

They dont go to Landfill here, have you not seen those big red and white striped chimneys about?

Ok Incinerator is not much better.

My point is avoiding the garbage


I hope Taiwan steps it up in the recycling mask game. As it was the norm to wear them before the worldwide pandemic, why hasn’t anyone thought of recycling them yet?


In Japan a lot of people are using the reusable cloth ones, it has become a bit of a trend.

I was until the outbreak started.

Mine are starting to wear down and I will need to get new ones made.

I used to take pictures of discarded masks until it got depressing.

If I am not mistaken, those PITA masks are only good for PM2.5.

I doubt the mask recycling can happen, just due to the materials, although I’m no expert on it. However, I do wish there were more of a centralized reusable take-out packaging system. The amount of extra cardboard and plastic we’re going through with all the takeout and deliveries is depressing.

Doesn’t seem like France is having an issue with it.

Two companies based in northern France then shred the masks, disinfect them and extract the polypropylene, which is transformed into pebbles that are used to make floor carpets or other plastic parts in a car.


This is a rhetorical question, right?

The environment has taken a beating with this panic culture that emerged. No one is talking about straws anymore :wink: