WCIF Mince Pies?

Anybody have any idea where to find mince pies this Christmas?


Maybe at the Pie place in Xinyi? It’s run by australians I think… I just can’t remember the name of the place, anyone!?

Thanks for the reply. That’s the Pink Penguin Bakery. I go there to get meat pies fairly often. I’ll ask if they’ll be doing mince pies next time I’m there.

They do generally appear at the usual suspects - Jason’s, City Super, etc - about a week before Christmas.

Yeah, I’ll stop by Jason’s, but I don’t know how that’ll go. With them having a much smaller selection now, and fewer imported products, I don’t expect much from them anymore. I’ll keep City Super in mind too. Thanks for that.

Also well worth checking out the bigger Wellcome stores, and Carrefour. I know that sounds a bit “duh!” but they occasionally have little surprises - for instance, I’ve got some very good Danish cookies and Belgian beer from Wellcome.

Why am I thinking that Orr had mince pies in his eyes.
Was it just crab-apples in his cheeks?

can I bump this up? Does anyone have any breaking news on the mince pie front? I haven’t seen any yet.

Nope. You wont find it here unless you do it yourself. A deer neck ground, some apples, cherries and oranges. Let them soak for a couple weeks. Now you got TRUE mince meat. Meat means meat!

I have only seen the mince pie filling at the Breeze center supermarket. Among the jams etc. Then you only need to make the pastry cases.

but I don’t have an oven, or any baking ability

how can 5,000 years of civilisation result in no mince pies? Which nutter thought that rice balls were a ‘treat’ appropriate to winter?