WCIF movie listings online for theaters in Taipei?


Where can I find movie listings online for theaters around Taipei such as Breeze Center, Warner Village, etc.?

Or as second resort, where do I find listings in the english papers? Which ones? What days?



Here's one


You can also go to www.warnervillage.com.tw or maybe without the tw... I am not sure.


Breeze (Ambassador cinema): atfilm.com.tw/


atmovies.com.tw/showtime/sho ... on=theater




Bump. A 12+ year bump, at that - but I could have sworn someone was asking about this more recently.

Two things I want to do:

  1. “Hey, I want to see a movie on Monday afternoon. What movies will be playing around Taipei?” (i.e. a few days from now, not today or tomorrow).

  2. “Hey, I want to see _______. Where and when will it be playing this weekend?”

What I’m aware of: I can just google “What movies are playing in Taipei?”, and it’ll give me information, but just for today and tomorrow.

The main site I use, for a list, in Chinese, of all films currently playing:

On that website, if I select a movie, and then toggle the little menu below the movie poster for 台北, I can see which cinemas and what times that film is playing today - but as far as I can tell, today only. Is there a way to look several days ahead?

Also on that website, there’s a little widget, but I believe I have to choose 1) the cinema, 2) THEN the movie, 3) then the date, and 4) then the time. But what I’d like is to sometimes start with the movie or the date.

There are also the different cinema websites, for example Vieshow and Miramar.

With Vieshow, I can choose a film from the list presented here; on the right side of the page (on a computer anyway), there’s a list of theaters, and if I select the theater, it’ll give me the schedule in that cinema; so far that’s the only way I know of to look a few days ahead.

So … are there easier ways to find movie times? And are there ways that are a little easier for those with little or no Chinese?


I usually just use this app:


Thanks - I use that app as well, but is there a way to search by movie or day first?

It looks like if the movie is in the 熱門電影 section, then I can choose the city, and it’ll show me the theaters - but not all movies are on that list.

The main way I use that app is by cinema first, and then see what movies are playing there, and it works well if I’m searching that way.


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Google quit offering the easy services they used to have.

Now I just ask google “films near me” and they all pop up for Taipei. Not so easy to look at a location and see what’s playing. So I bookmark specific theaters that I like.


Google Maps automatically pops up and tells you movies that are playing when you walk by a familiar theater.