WCIF natural or organic peanut butter in Taipei?


Welcome, nicacio! I don’t know much about peanut butter. What else do they put in it apart from peanuts?


A lot of them contain highly saturated palm oil, which some believe is unhealthy (see controversy here) or partially or fully hydrogenated oils (meaning unhealthy trans fat), plus high levels of sugar. If you get rid of these things, it tastes different (less sweet), and also tends to separate with a big pool of peanut oil on the top unless you refrigerate it. But once you get used to the less sweet flavor and the simple act of storing it in the fridge, really it’s quite good, and the old stuff starts to taste cloyingly sweet. :2cents:

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter:
Roasted Peanuts, [color=#FF0080]Sugar[/color], Partially [color=#FF0040]Hydrogenated [/color]Vegetable Oils (Cottonseed, Soybean and Rapeseed) to Prevent Separation, Salt.

Jif: Ingredients


I make my own peanut butter (here in the States). Nothing to it, as you say. You can vary the types of nuts you put in if you like. Just add a small amount of oil and keep blending (or food processing, that’s what I use). The trick is that in a food processor, at one point you’ll get what looks like a gritty mass of squishy peanut stuff, but you need to keep processing. After a minute or so more time, it turns into really nice peanut butter when the oil is released from the peanuts.

I can’t understand why anyone buys PB after finding out it’s so easy to make.

(Making your own soy milk is really easy too, but obviously there’s no point if you live in Taiwan!)


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Do you know where I can find what they call in the US “Natural” Peanut Butter? The non-hydrogenated, non-sugar stuff? Just roasted ground peanuts and maybe a bit of salt?




Thanks for the input. I might try making it myself. My blender has only a .75 Hp motor. I would hate to burn it up, but adding a bit of extra oil sounds good.



[quote=“tarmantrout”]Thanks for the input. I might try making it myself. My blender has only a .75 Hp motor. I would hate to burn it up, but adding a bit of extra oil sounds good.


Sent in PM:

The wife makes homemade peanut butter for sale locally. Her standard spread is about 66% peanuts and 33% almonds, with just enough oil (canola, sunflower, or soy), salt, and sugar to make it work. The nuts are oven roasted and peanuts peeled by hand. If someone has their particular request (only peanuts, no salt, etc.) that can be accommodated. Yes I’m partial, but I simply love the stuff. She has shipped to a few cities in Taiwan. Serious inquiries in PM are welcome.


I decided to check a website based in California that I use for cheap vitamins & supplements. Including shipping, I got a 1lb jar of Organic Valencia peanut butter for about $8.50 USD. Not sure how they can do that, but the order was shipped. So 2 weeks from now (fingers crossed), I might be enjoying it. At that price, it is worth a shot.

The site is www.iherb.com - Use coupon code REL081 to get 5% off your first order. Shipping rates to Taiwan were pretty reasonable.



Bump - Anywhere in Taipei currently selling this?


Organic PB? Costco has it again. Best deal in town.


My membership expired years ago. What is it, 1500nt?
Anywhere else?


I picked up the organic PB at Costco.
For anyone else wondering, it was 329nt for a 2 pack, and looks like this:
It’s creamy. I like chunky better.
Case closed.


Can she make 100% almond butter?
If yes, can you please give me a price quote?

Has anyone else seen almond butter for sale in Taiwan?


I feel everyone’s pain. My husband and I have been searching everywhere for natural or organic peanut butter as well as other things like protein powder and bars (at a reasonable price). After continually striking out we took the advice on this forum and ordered online at iherb.com The shipping was pretty good considering the distance it has to travel (from US).

I also got $5 off my first order by entering a code. Enter the code GOF643 and hopefully it will work for you too.

Good luck and if anyone finds natural peanut butter in Taipei, please let me know where!!!


Peanuts are everywhere for about 50NT/kilo.

Peanuts. Oil. Blender. Little salt. Empty jar. Job done.

No need to order from billions of miles away.


Taiwan’s peanuts are fantastic, especially those grown in the red clay soil in Miaoli, don’t miss out.
It’s kind of ironic looking for organic peanuts by ignoring the oil and salt that goes into peanut butter.
Plus the most dangerous thing about peanuts are toxins from fungus.


Costco is out of organic peanut butter (with none on reorder, at present), and only stocks one artery-clogging US brand loaded with unhealthy hydrogenated oil and sugar. :thumbsdown: I’m definitely going to have to try making my own.


Does that work? I’ve got some peanuts growing in Miaoli but I assumed they would never actually develop edible peanuts because they don’t have soft soil to drop the ‘pegs’ into. I only planted them as nitrogen-fixers/cover crop.

Indeed! Are there any simple tests for that? Apparently it can be actually lethal if you inadvertently eat a lot, and IIRC it’s usually not visible to the eye.


I have never grown any peanuts here but Tongxiao peanuts are really tasty. I love eating fresh roasted peanuts here too. Course the city slickers wouldn’t know where their nuts are from :slight_smile:.
The fungus comes from when they are stored improperly, it’s really dangerous. I won’t eat peanuts that are black or moldy looking, not sure if that is any use though.


Reviving this thread. Costco is still out but it appears this is normal as they seem to have been out a year or more before. I am not going to make my own so anyone know which shops (jasons or city super) carry it? I haven’t had a pb sandwich since March.


The organic shops carry some overpriced German stuff, says erdnuss or some such. Erdnuss +creme or butter, maybe.