WCIF natural or organic peanut butter in Taipei?


Yeah, I’ve seen that. Too much. I’d go back to sesame or sunflower paste first.

I checked out that iHerbs online shop and yes you can order organic pb to Taiwan. If I order 20 jars (453g) it works out to NT217 each. Costco was NT380? for 750g. So almost the same.

The catch? According to the website Taiwanese customers have said that orders over NT3000 might be charged a 30-50% tariff.

Update: if you buy the 737g container it is cheaper per gm and so 10 jars with shipping works out to the same price per jar as Costco, And ten jars costs under NT3000 (before shipping charges which I would hope are not included in the tariff).

Hmm, maybe I will risk this.

Anyone want to go in on half?


Just in: Costco will discontinue all-natural PB after countless complaints my Taiwanese of getting the runs after drinking the oil off the top and tearing their toast to pieces trying to spread the remaining product on it.


Costco has brought back reasonably priced, natural peanut butter, made from just peanuts and salt. I saw it in Neihu this week.


I try making it…but it always taste awful. What am I doing wrong?


yea, what are you doing? all you need to do is put peanuts in a blender (food processor is ideal as its a lot quicker) turn it on and wait. its super easy. i used to make it all the time when i had a food processor.


Idk. It doesn’t taste good. I think I’m not roasting it right? Maybe I need to put some salt or sugar? IDK. I tired 2x and failed.


what penuts are you buying? you shoudn’t need to roast. just open the bag and put them in the blender.


If you’re buying raw peanuts then yes you do need to toast them a bit. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t taste good. If you put peanuts in, and nothing else, it’ll taste like peanuts. Some people do add a dash of sugar.

Personally I find it helps to add a bit of extra oil, although in theory the oil in the peanuts themselves will (eventually) give you the right texture. Takes quite a while for that to happen and it’s kinda hard on the blender motor.


but un roasted ones would surely be shelled? it would take an age to unshell them. i basically just bought what looks most like normal penuts, salted.

as i said a food processor is a lot better but a blender gets the job done. my blender took about 5 minutes, no oil. the natural oils release after being grinded up for a bit. i think it depends on the shape of the blender too. my blender back home is not cone shaped and it took a long ass time when i tried to make some hazelnut butter with it.


You’re not giving enough information. Doesn’t taste good compared to what brand? Are you accustomed to eating purchased mainstream peanut butter ? (not a judgmental question, just a question) If so, you’re quite likely to be seriously underestimating the amount of salt and sugar in the product.


It taste to much like peanuts? IDK if that makes sense, no buttery taste and texture.


[quote=“Andrew0409, post:52, topic:55334, full:true”]
It taste to much like peanuts?[/quote]
You don’t say :slight_smile:

I can only think of two possibilities.

  1. You’re not blending it enough. As BHL4Life said, you need to give it a real good session in a food processor to get a real smooth peanut butter. It takes a while. The texture does affect the taste, weirdly enough. Presumably something to do with the oils.

  2. They do pack an amazing amount of shit into the supermarket brands, not just sugar and salt but often solid fats, palm oil, molasses, and other space-fillers to cut down on the amount of actual peanuts they use. It’s possible you’ve just got used to that.