WCIF Noilly Prat vermouth?

Noilly Prat vermouth used to be ubiquitous in Taipei liquor stores, back in the day. I checked a number of places where I should have found it. But Breeze doesn’t have it, City Super doesn’t have it, RT Mart doesn’t have it, and I checked some specialty wine sellers too. Nothing.

Admittedly I haven’t been to Drinks (橡木桶) yet, because it’s locations are way out of the way.

Has anyone seen this brand anywhere? I want to make martinis!

El bumparooney…

(I thought I posted this in “Where Can I Find”.)

I quit drinking martinis around 1990. But I used to put some ice in the glass to chill it, then put some ice in the mixing bowl, throw in some gin, vermouth, and (important) orange bitters. I can’t even remember in what proportion anymore.

I could never find it, so I was sticking it in my kids luggage.

I love cooking seafood with NP.

[quote=“Chris”]El bumparooney…

(I thought I posted this in “Where Can I Find”.)[/quote]
It should be in the Drink forum.

I just checked Drinks (橡木桶), and even they don’t have Noilly Prat, one of the two top vermouth brands in the world, which was ubiquitous in Taipei in the 90s. I can find Martini brand vermouth, but not Noilly Prat. And I don’t want to settle for second best.

It’s like a store (or an entire country) having Pepsi available, but no Coke.

Can anyone help?