WCIF Orthodontist - prefer Kaohsiung Area

Looking for an english speaking orthodontist (braces) who is preferably in the Kaohsiung area but I am willing to look at closer cities down south too.


Really, no one? Ok well maybe can you tell me what Orthodontist means in Mandarin or at least a rough translation? What do they call them here? There is plenty of dentists, but that isn’t what I am after.


Hope you’ve found someone. Google translates orthodontist as 正牙醫生 (zheng4 ya2 yi1 sheng1).

Also potentially useful:
braces - ya2 tao4
get braces, put braces on - zhuang1 ya2 tao4

Dr. Lin and Partners
Trained in the US also as locations in Taipei
In Lingya District
303 Jongshan 2nd Rd