WCIF Outdoor Swimming in Taiwan?

Where are the best places to take a dip? Freshwater prefered!

There’s a huge waterpark in Bali(near Danshui) named BaXian Waterpark. It’s probably not exactly what you are looking for. But it’s so much fun. I never get tired of it.

Wulai for swimming in the river. Not much in Yangmingshan, but up past the museum you could find a few clean holes. I’d be glad to hear from anyone about any other good river/stream swimming places near Taipei.


There is a good river along highway 28 on the way to the sea, just take the palace museum road and turn right off it…

Also a few on Yangminshan, if you know where to look – like up above Yangmin village, the ravine that comes out above the satellite dishes has a great river. It is hard to describe how to find it, but you can if you really need to… On the other side of Yangmin mountain I found a great “hidden” pool coming down in a creek spouting down towards Tamshui; this pool is quite high up, and the water is spouting directly from under the earth just above, so it is really clean; it was last summer, about 35 degrees hot outside, and so I had to clamber down and slip over the rocks until I could dip in… That was a taste of paradise… So cool in the middle of the heat! Wish I’d had a bitch with me then. This summer, I intend to check out some of the creeks and pools way out of the city, like the one on highway 28.

There are two pools in Peitou, one is open year-round and they are outdoors… Only fifty nt or so to get in… Also, at the Peitou train depot there is a huge indoor pool underground in the recreation center, you can get a cheap membership there…

If you make it to Neihu, to Howard Square, the Howard group runs one of those water entertainment places called Water World (shui shi jie). It’s in the basement and has a 25m pool, assorted jacuzzis with water of different temperatures, as well as segregated sauna areas.

There is another open-air water entertainment place - consider this a set of 3 or 4 swimming pools, mostly shallow, plus areas for BBQ - behind the DanJiang university in Tamshui.

But for sheer size and variety, the Pahsien place is the best… just far.

The place Shimmers is talking about is great.