WCIF places with live bands?

My dad is here for three weeks and being a musician guitarist and well into his music he would like to experience some of the music on offer in Taiwan. We’re in Taipei and I’m well out of the club/pub and music scene here but I know a few of you know your way around the place so I’m asking for a low down on where to go and when over the coming weeks to experience some live band music and possible jam sessions. Rock and Roll, Blues, Country etc…

Anyone have an idea?

I saw this one posted in another thread. Looks like a good place to start.

Riverside Cafe has open jam sessions every Monday and Tone56 has acoustic jam sessions on Sundays.
Hope he finds something that suits his tastes…

Brilliant guys. Thanks very much.

Just noticed this post from yesterday about Tone 56’s jam nights which might give you a bit more info.