WCIF portable dvd player region free

Subject pretty much says what I’m looking for :wink:

I’ve tried that big electronic store 3 tkec something, but they only have the ones that play region 3.
Since I’m going back to Denmark, I’d like it to be a player that can play more than just Chao-Hu or YoYo Tv :slight_smile:

(I bought one last year in Denmark, region free, but it’s broken now. Sound but no picture).

Any suggestions?


Carefour, several brands but the on I remember is Blue Star. Ask the service staff to make sure.

RT-Mart or other similar warehouse store

Surprisingly, the really cheap ones play all regions. Don’t buy a name like Panasonic or Sony.

super! Then I’m off to carrefour tomorrow

(how do i say region free in chinese :ponder: ) :wink:

The plebs in Carrefour won’t know what region free means no matter what language you say it in.
I had people say “yes” when they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about.

The several shops on Hankou or Kaifeng Road close to Zhanghua Road will know.

[quote]Surprisingly, the really cheap ones play all regions. Don’t buy a name like Panasonic or Sony.[/quote]Usually, but not guaranteed. Best to check first.

Stay away from supermarket outlets would be my advice. Almost all independent outlets can offer you region free on every player they sell.
For the best selection in Taipei go to Hanko Street opposite Ximending and between the presidential building and the tallest Mitsukoshi building. There a re plenty of outlets there and all offering region free players. You will also get plenty more advice on which players do what than any 3C, RT mart and so forth. Also much equipment found at any large superstore an be of a lesser quality than that found elsewhere, depending on the product.

Last year when I was shopping for a (regular-sized) region-free DVD player, I couldn’t find any generic chain-electronics stores that would admit to stocking region-free players. Carrefour was odd - a junior salesclerk said yes, but ran away to find a manager with more English, then the manager came back and hurriedly shook his head to deny the existence of any such product. I got the sense that they didn’t want to sell to a foreigner, as if they were afraid I was a WTO spy or something.

I did try a bunch of players at… uh… 全國電子? 全世界電子? Named something like that. I just kept slotting in a region 1 disc, and it didn’t work in any of the players. Then again, the display models didn’t include the really low-end ones.

The fnac in Xinyi was willing to help (for many players, it’s just a matter of resetting a code with a specific remote); eventually my wife found one online, at a shop in a back alley somewhere around Shilin. We went and bought the player there (a Panasonic) and have had no problems. I never looked through the independent-style stores described above, because I hadn’t reached that stage yet.

Anyway, when I first bought a DVD player in Taiwan, 7-8 years ago, finding a region-free one was easy; but last year it seemed much more complicated. It’s definitely a somewhat gray market product now.

I bought a Phillips. Then a tech-wizard friend downloaded some region-free codes and programmed it to be good in all regions.

Sharing you one method that you can play Different Region DVDs, just need an external hard drive and one dvd copy software that can support external drive.

Resource: imediacreator.com/tutorial/h … c.html#131

By portable you mean a small one that has its own video screen, right? Not sure how many of the responses above are about ordinary rather than portable models.

Oh, and note that the Audiovox portable DVD player the EPA gave us didn’t function properly, so I’d probably pass on that brand. Just FYI.

Region free is quan2qu1de 全區的, I believe.

You’re definitely best off taking a DVD from your home region as well as a local one in to test the machine. Not all sales people will either know what they’re talking about or be honest.

There’s a comprehensive list of players here videohelp.com/dvdplayers and for some there are cracked firmwares or workarounds available.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]By portable you mean a small one that has its own video screen, right? Not sure how many of the responses above are about ordinary rather than portable models.[/quote]Yes, I was talking about my experiences with non-portable models. But I still stand by my advice to buy from a shop that knows about them, and not Carrefour or 3C.

I found my portable (yes, with it’s own little screen) in 3C - it’s a Fujimaru. I had a few DVDs with me to test the thing. It worked on all regions.
Guess it wasn’t so hard to find one afterall :wink:
It was a bit expensive, though, 5.000 nt but I was in a hurry to find one, had just got a few more cash to spend that day, so it went straight to my basket. Perhaps next time I’ll scoop around a bit more. I’m sure there are more cheaper ones.